Melissa Capasso

My work begins with the idea that I have lost something deeply essential that I must find. In this way, my process assumes the role of a search.  The search initiates as a spontaneous response to the surface and materials at hand and a willful sampling and synthesis of disparate strands of visual language (symbols, mark-making, color, anatomical references). Often using a sort of hybridization between bodily and beastly forms, my work relays fragmented narratives of malice, artifice and distress but also spiritual refuge, human loss and connection. Guided by a compositional imperative, figures entwine and morph in a collage-like manner to suggest irrational and transitional identities, places, and states of being. This intersection expresses the inescapable dialogue of our current political and cultural climate and the complexities laid between urgency, greed, violence, vulgarity, and rationality, love, hope.